Bedroom Window Treatments

If you are searching for bedroom window treatments for your house or apartment, you would want to take your time in deciding what must go on.

It is your house after all and you will be living there for a few years at least, if at all you decide to sell it later on. The style and design are the main factors that should be decided on bedroom window treatments for your house.

Bedroom Window Treatments

Below are a few types of bedroom window treatments that would look perfect for your house.

window treatments for bedrooms

Curtains and Drapes

One of the most common bedroom window treatments for houses or apartments are curtains or drapes. You can find them being used almost everywhere.

colorful bedroom curtains

When your bedroom interiors are simple and you want a classic look, then you will want to go with curtains or drapes. They blend well with any kind of theme including modern themes, romantic theme, and others.

You can also use valances on the upper part of your window. They are usually used to cover the top portion of your window.

bedroom window valances

Sometimes when the top part of your window is left bare, it might look odd. Valances come in wooden designs, but you can also get them in French or Tuscan designs.

You should decide on the design that you want your bedroom to have to protect your privacy.

bedroom drapes

When you want to go in for something more modern, then you might want to choose drapes. Drapes come in many designs and styles too. There are Victorian drapes, French drapes, and many others.

bedroom window curtains

Depending on the bedroom window treatments you would like to have in your house or apartment, you will need to make a selection. There are drapes that come in beautiful looking fabrics that can alter your bedroom into a royal room. If your bedroom has tall windows, then you will want to go in for heavy drapes.

When the windows are short, then you can use classic drapes. When you are particular about your privacy, then you can have them near the window.

bedroom curtains

Wooden Shutters and Blinds

Another type of bedroom window treatments for your house or apartment is wooden shutters and blinds. You can make use of valances, drapes, and curtains to protect your privacy. You have two types of shutters including cafe shutters and plantation shutters. You can make use of plantation shutters when you are staying in a country house or cottage.

You can use café shutters in your house or apartment for the lower part of your window.

bedroom blinds

Fabric Blinds

You can also think about using fabric blinds as your bedroom window treatments for your house or apartment. Fabric blinds can be decorated as you like. You can use whatever design you want to. You can use them in your kid’s bedroom and country homes. During the day time the fabric blinds can be folded to provide light inside.

In the night time you can roll them down. They come in Victorian, Italian, and French styles.

The type of bedroom window treatments that you choose for your house or apartment matters a lot in the design of your place, select well.

Here’s bedroom window treatments selection (click to enlarge!):

Kids Room Curtains

To decorate your children’s bedroom can take a lot out of you. As parents, you might feel that your ideas are the best for your child’s bedroom. However, that is not the case.

You’re thinking about decorating your children’s bedroom will be entirely different from theirs. Finally, when your child’s bedroom has been decorated, it will look like your bedroom.

Kids Room Curtains

That is something that your child might not be happy about. This is why you will want to know some ideas for selecting kids room curtains.

boys room curtains

Decorating a kids room with curtains is important. The interiors of your child’s bedroom depend on the curtains that you select for the room.

Selecting kids room curtains are a simple task when you know how to go about things. Here are a few ideas on how you can select kids room curtains.

nursery blackout curtains

Consult with Your Child First

You will want to consult with your child first before you make the purchase. Since each child has their own idea about how their room should look, you need to oblige with that.

If your child is expected to share their room with siblings, then what one child may like, the other child may not. When you are decorating a bedroom for your children, you will want to consult both of them about their likes.

kids room window

Use Bright Colors

You will want to use bright colors in your children’s bedroom. It would be a good idea to get curtains that are bright in color.

Children like to have fun and when they see bright all around, they will be cheerful. Colors like blue and red are the best options for your kids bedroom. They are bright colors and make sure that your child is always in good spirits.

When selecting a color for your girl, you would want to make sure that you go with pink. That is a perfect color for your child.

curtains for boys room

Avoid Plain Colored Curtains

You would want to avoid plain colored curtains. Plain colored curtains can be dull and mature for your kids bedroom.

As your child would want to have some fun, you should ensure that you have some colors that can make them happy and remain in fun. It is best to go with patterned colored curtains.

kids bedroom curtains

Patterned colored curtains come in interesting colors and patterns. Your child would love patterned colored curtains as they will bring the room to life.

While selecting patterns for your children’s bedroom, you would want to make sure that your child likes patterned colored curtains.

kids blackout curtains

When you are going to select something for your boy, you might want to select a car or truck. Boys would like those kinds of patterns. When you want to select something for your girl, you would want to choose a doll or animals.

You will want to spend time before choosing kids room curtains as you don’t want to purchase a pattern that your child might not like.

blackout curtains for kids

Remain in Your Budget

You should make sure that you remain in your budget. There are curtains which come in excellent discounts. With the above ideas, you know that you can purchase the ideal kids room curtains.

Here’s kids room curtains selection (click to enlarge!):

Kids Room Furniture

When you are planning to choose kids room furniture, then you will want to make it an interesting thing with your children. There are so many kinds of furniture for kids.

You have bunk beds for kids, loft beds for kids, dressers for kids, and bedding sets for kids. You can also make use of your creativity to come up with excellent ideas that can help you out.

Kids Room Furniture

Below are a few tips on selecting kids room furniture.

boys room furniture

Select Kids Room Furniture that is Light

You will want to select kids room furniture that is light weight. When you purchase furniture that weighs a lot for your kids then the chances of getting hurt stands high, that is because, they tend to fool around with the furniture and try all kinds of stuff.

boys room furniture sets

When you get furniture that is light weight like bean bags, then your kids will not fall down or get hurt. Bean bags are extremely light weight and strong. They can hold up any amount of weight.

kids room furniture

The manufactures have zipping in them that are placed in such a way that your kids don’t know where they are placed. They might sometimes want to open the zip and let out the stuffing. That is not possible here.

children room furniture

Go with Kids Room Furniture that are Liked by Your Children

You will want to purchase kids room furniture that is liked by your children. Children will use things that they like.

girls room furniture

If you get them something that they don’t like, then the chances of them using that lies low. That is the main reason, you would want to get them something that they like. You would want to choose bright colors and shapes.

girls room furniture ideas

Choose Kids Room Furniture that Blends With the Interiors

Choose kids room furniture that blends with the interiors of your kid’s room. When you select furniture that does not match with the bedroom, then you will have to repaint your kids bedroom, which can be an expensive affair.

girls room furniture sets

When the interiors of the room are dark in color like blue or red, then you will want to choose dark colored furniture. If the interiors of the room are light in color like cream or green, then you will want to select light colored furniture.

pink girls room furniture

The Kids Room Furniture Should Not Go Above Your Budget

The kids room furniture should not go above the budget. When purchasing furniture, you will want to make sure that it doesn’t cross the budget.

It wouldn’t be a wise thing to do. There is plenty of information on the internet about kids room furniture. There are many online dealers that sell furniture at good discounts.

teen girls room furniture

You will want to make use of them. You might want to spend some time finding out more about it. You can also involve your children in this purchase and make it a memorable affair.

They will definitely learn a thing or two about shopping for kids room furniture along with their parents doing the shopping themselves. Good luck!

Master Bedroom Designs

Whеn уоu аrе running short оf ideas оn Master Bedroom Designs, thеn уоu mіght want tо know a fеw things thаt саn make уоur task easier.

The master bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. It is important because it is the master bedroom. You and your partner will be spending time together in the bedroom.

Master Bedroom Designs

That is why, it is important you use ideas that can help you get the best bedroom for a cheap rate. You would want to plan your designing depending on the purpose of your bedroom.

What are you looking for from your master bedroom? Do you want the bedroom to relax and spend time with your family? Do you want a bedroom that can help you take a rest? Do you want a bedroom to read and spend quality time for yourself?

master bedroom designs

These are some of the things that you would want to know before designing your master bedroom. Based on the decisions that you have taken, you would want to create your own master bedroom.

bedroom color schemes

Luxury Hotel Suites

Those of you, who have the money, can go in for luxury. After all it is your bedroom and you would want to make sure that you get the best.

If you have visited luxury hotels, you might have noticed that their suites are beautifully designed. They are usually designed using contemporary designs.

contemporary bedroom furniture

You would notice that they got many items to make you feel comfortable. It is best to have a few items like a dresser and stool, a small table and ergonomic chair, night stands, LCD television, mini refrigerator, bed with storage space, and the like.

If you note, these things help you stay in your master bedroom for a long time as you got everything you want inside.

master bedroom paint ideas

Colors In the Bedroom

The next thing about master bedroom designs is the colors you utilize. Again, that depends on your taste.

master bedroom colors

Usually the master bedroom is large in size and you can even make use of dark tones. You can choose contemporary designs as they let you experiment.

You would want to create something new and unique for your master bedroom. However, you should ensure that the colors blend with the decor.
white bedroom set

white bedroom set

Adequate Lighting

The lighting is another thing to have in mind in master bedroom designs. If you like reading books, then you might want to make sure that your bedroom has sufficient lighting.

modern bedroom furniture

You can make use of a large window that allows sunlight to enter during the day. You can also have a lamp in your room. The lighting should be adequate during the day time as well as night.

romantic bedroom ideas

You can have family photos, beautiful artwork, and vintage products.

Remember that the master bedroom designs should enable you to sleep and relax. If your bedroom does not have these qualities, it may not suit you.

modern bedroom ideas

It is also vital that the mattresses and bed sheets help you relax. You can also consult an interior designer about your master bedroom.

Design a master bedroom that can suit your requirements. These are some master bedroom design ideas (click to enlarge!):

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

If you got a teenage girl at home, then you can consider yourself lucky. As a parent you get to spend a lot of time with them and listen to their endless stories. You get to dress them up and decorate their rooms.

Decorating a teenage girl is not a hard thing to do when you know some easy teenage girl bedroom ideas.

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

In this article we will see some easy teenage girl bedroom ideas which can help you design your daughter’s room without difficulty.

teen girl room decor

Use the Right Colors And Lighting

You would want to make use of the right colors and lighting. When your teenage girl bedroom is small in size, then you might want to make use of light colors.

Light colors like pink, green, yellow and the like. The bedding’s and furniture should blend with each other. You will want to use something that is suitable for girls.

girls bedding sets

There are many light colors, but only a few can be used in girls room. You can make use of dark tones in the form of accessories.

Mirrors are one of the best accessories that you would want to use for decorating your teenage girl’s bedroom. Since your daughter likes to spend time dressing herself up, having plenty of mirrors would be a great idea.

teenage girl bedroom ideas

You don’t want to purchase an expensive chest drawer for your teenage girl. Instead you can use mirrors. You can also use a throw rug in your teenage girl’s bedroom.

kids bedroom ideas

You should also make sure that the lighting is sufficient in the bedroom. It is good to have a large window in your teenage girl’s bedroom, which can let the sunshine in. You can place night lamps in the bedroom. They add to the decor.
little girls bedroom ideas

little girls bedroom ideas

Use Cuddly Items

Another of the teenage girl bedroom ideas would be to use cuddly items. It is not necessary for you to only use teddy bears, but ensure that her sleeping environment is comfortable. You can add a comforter, small pillows, and a flat mattress.

With the above teenage girl bedroom ideas, you can be rest assured that your teenage girl would be impressed. Make sure that you do not go cheap on this one and disappoint.

room designs for girls

Browse Through The Internet

One of the best teenage girl bedroom ideas is to browse through the internet. There are many designs and images online which can give you an idea on how teenage girls want their rooms to be.

Girls have their own desire on their bedrooms and the design that it should be. When you go through the internet, you get ideas about what kind of room you will want to design.

kids bedroom designs
kids bedroom ideas & designs

You can make use of pillows and a duvet that matches with the pillows. You would want to design your teenage girl’s bedroom with light decors and matching lighting.

The best part about online shopping is that you get excellent discounts on products. There are websites like eBay and trades which provide discounts for you to make use of.

Bedroom Design Ideas

This article helps you to find bedroom design ideas that fit your lifestyle and personality.

You don’t need to be a doctor by profession to know that your body needs rest in the night. It is not just the rest, which is important for your body.

When you sleep, your body goes through the metabolism that helps in the digestion of the food.

bedroom design ideas ocean

Bedroom Design Ideas

When you go for sleep in the night, your brain needs so much of rest as it has to work for a long time throughout the day.

You can take good rest, when you have the right bedroom design in your home.

modern bedroom design

The bed is often overlooked by many home owners, who don’t take much time to do some research. They just see a bed, if they like it, then they go ahead and buy it without knowing, if it is good or bad for the body.

You need to be aware of the fact that depending on how you wake up, your day will proceed the same way.

bedroom design ideas

For that you need to make sure that you don’t wake up to a noisy room which is dirty and all messed up.

This is where the question arises, how can you start your day on the right note? Let us analyze a few bedroom design ideas, which we have given below, and find out how we can do that.

romantic bedroom decor

Right furniture

The answer to the above question is quite simple. You need to get yourself with the right bedroom furniture. People will speak about your personality, and mood depending on what kind of furniture you get for yourself.

If you are married and have kids, then may have to consult all the parties before making the purchase. You may need to discuss with your spouse on what kind of bed, they would like to sleep on.

You need to also talk to your kids about their bedroom needs. So, what are the factors that you need to check out before purchasing your bed? They are as follows:

teenage bedroom design


The first thing you need to consider is the color of your bed. It should go along with the color of the bedroom.

If your room has a light color, then you don’t want to get furniture that is dark. It will ruin the ambience of the room as the colors will contrast each other.

The colors you choose depend entirely on what kind of personality you have. People, who are confident and outgoing, usually choose dark colors, while laid back people tend to choose light colors.


You need to choose the material according to your taste and needs. If you are a very busy person, and don’t have time to clean your furniture, then it would make sense, if you go in for a material that requires less maintenance like steel or glass.

If at all, you opt for fabric covered furniture, then you may spend time cleaning it. But, the advantage of having this kind of furniture in your bedroom is that, they can enliven the room.

Durability and cost

The cost and durability factor plays an important role in any purchase. It is the same here; your bedroom furniture should be worth your money.

bedroom inspiration picture

In other words, it should last long and survive the test. You don’t need to go in for expensive brands; there are many affordable ones that worth your money.

Finally, the theme of the bedroom is also very important. If you are a broad minded person and like to experiment, then you can mix colors with the furniture.

Remember to have fun with your family, while shopping for your bedroom design ideas.

Kids Comforter Sets

If уоu hаvе decided tо purchase kids comforter sets fоr уоur kids bed, thеn уоu wіll want tо know fеw things ѕо thаt уоu make уоur purchase rightly.

Kids are very particular about what they want. The color and material should be an exact match of the product they are looking for; otherwise they might not even use it. You don’t want that to happen with your case.

Kids Comforter Sets

On the bed, one of the most important things is the kids comforter sets. The kids’ comforter sets are very useful for the children.

The kids comforter sets are meant to ensure that your children are comfortable in their bed and are able to sleep in the night.

Here are few things you will want to know before buying kids comforter sets.


The first thing that you will want to know before purchasing the kids comforter sets is the cloth which is used to make the bedding. A lot depends on the cloth that is used for making the bedding.

cheap kids comforters

As you know, the bedding consists of the quilt, mattress, and pillows. The cloths should be made from smooth, cushy, and comfortable materials that don’t come with wrinkles.

There should be no rough surface that can harm your child’s skin. Your child skin is usually sensitive and can easily get injured when not taken care of properly.

twin bed comforter sets

Most materials like cotton and silk are used as kids comforter sets. You might want to select the cotton material. The reason for choosing cotton over other materials is because kids can wet the bed.

It is easy for the comforter to get dry when cotton cloth is used.

twin size comforter


Children like to have colors and designs that are attractive. There are many designs in which the kids comforter sets come in. They should be pleasing to the eye.

You should get them a pattern that matches their taste and requirements. Like said in the previous line, you will want to avoid colors that are dark and dull.

The color of the kids comforter sets should be able to lighten up your kids bedroom. Your kid might not like the colors that spoil the looks of their room.

twin size comforter cover


There are many materials which are used to make kids comforter sets. The common material that is used to make them is synthetic wool and duck’s feathers.

cheap kids bedding

The duck’s feathers are light and children like materials that are soft and light. The duck’s feathers come in many designs and colors.

You would want to also choose quilts and pillows that are stuffed with dicks feathers. They not only provide the necessary warmth, but are also comfortable.

kids comforter sets

The bedding structure is also important and must be made from a light material. The frame work should be strong and support the weight of your children.

You don’t want to get a comforter that is too large as it can obstruct your child’s movements.

kids sheet sets

The kids comforter sets come in many sizes that can be adjusted. These kinds of beds can be used for children who are in the age group of 10-14 years. The size and shape of the kids comforter sets can be adjusted as and when required.

Twin Beds for Kids

As a responsible parent it is your duty to ensure that your children get sufficient sleep. The bedroom might be airy and comfortable, but when the bed isn’t, then the chances of your children getting undisturbed sleep for long hours are low.

You might want to know that children require long hours of sleep. Though adults can manage with less than 8 hours a day of sleep, children might not be able to do without their sleep.

Twin Beds For Kids

Children should sleep more than 8 hours. That is because they are growing. Growing children need quality sleep.

There are different kinds of beds that are available in the market today. You have bunk beds, steel beds, wooden beds and the like.

twin bed sets

Why Twin Beds for Kids are Needed?

Only a few are perfect for kids. Of course all beds have their own pros and cons, twin beds for kids are the best ones for your children.

When your children grow, they need bigger beds. There is a lot of difference between adult beds and twin beds for kids. Adult beds are larger and taller than twin beds for kids.

kids twin bedding sets

They are Safe

When children sleep on them, they might roll down and injure themselves. Adult beds are little more in height when compared to twin beds for kids. These beds are not very tall, but they come with similar width to that of an adult bed.

twin beds for girls

Children know that they are safe in their beds and probably that is the reason why they sleep without any tension.

According to research, children sleeping in twin beds for kids get excellent sleep. That could be the reason why they are so popular all over the world.

twin beds for boys

You would be surprised to find out that many people feel comfortable about buying these kinds of beds for their kids. You too might want to think about getting one of them.

twin beds with storage

They Come in Many Shapes

They come in many shapes and colors. You see, children like to have colors in their room. They like to have their room colorful.

You might notice that children proudly show their rooms to their friends which are colorful. As twin beds for kids come in many shapes and colors. You can choose them as you like.

twin bed with trundle

That depends on whether you are purchasing for your boy or girl. If it is for a boy, then you should go in for a cars or fire engines.

If you are buying for a girl, then you might want to choose a castle or something that your girl might like. You would want to make sure that you get something that matches with the interiors of your kid’s bedroom.

boys twin bed car
car boys twin bed

They are Cheap

They are cheap and come with great discounts if you know where to look for. There are many online suppliers that provide excellent discounts on twin beds for kids.

twin trundle bed

If you are willing to spend more money on your kid’s bed, then you can choose from many designs and models that are made from high quality materials.

boys twin bedding sets
twin bedding for girls

You would want to spend time on the internet searching for twin beds for kids.

Don’t forget to see these stunning twin beds for kids (click to enlarge!):

Kids Bunk Beds

When you are residing in a home that has limited space, then you would want to make use of kids bunk beds that can save you crucial save.

Instead of having individual beds for your kids, you will want to use bunk beds. Bunk beds have been in use for many centuries. Usually bunk beds are used in the dormitory, military camps, and prisons.

Kids Bunk Beds

So, why do you want to choose bunk beds? There are many reasons to choose bunk beds.

twin over full bunk bed

Bunk Beds Save You Space

Kids bunk beds save you space. Though you might be staying in an individual house with your kids, your kids bedroom might be full of things that leave them with no room.

riley twin over full bunk bed with trundle wayfair pertaining to twin over full bunk bed with trundle
twin over full bunk bed with trundle

You have their toys all around and their clothes here and there. Kids love to have more space in their rooms. They can play around with their siblings or friends.

Having a bunk bed inside can solve you that problem. It gives your kids more space.

spring creek white twin over full bunk bed from furniture intended for white twin over full bunk bed
white twin over full bunk bed

Bunk Beds are Safe

Kids bunk beds are safe. Unlike what a parent feels, bunk beds are safe. There are stairs on the side to climb that are fairly easy to climb up.

slide beds bunk bed with slide cool bunk beds bed with pertaining to Kids Bunk Beds
bunk bed with slide

The bed that is on the top has railings on the side. The chances of your kid falling down or getting them hurt are nil. But, you should make sure that the bunk bed is placed slightly far away from the fan.

It is also better to place the bunk bed in a corner of the room. This way the kids are safe and they have room to play around.

ideas of loft bed with slide double bunk bed with slide inside bunk bed with slide
double bunk bed with slide

Bunk Beds Blend with the Interiors

Kids bunk beds blend with the interiors of your Kids room. When you purchase bunk beds for your kids, you should make sure that they blend with the interiors.

how fun and awesome bunk beds with swirly slide double bunk bed with slide in Kids Bunk Beds
kids bunk bed slide

If the Kids room interiors are light in color, then get something that comes in a light color. Similarly, if the kids room interiors are dark, then purchase something that is dark in color.

bedroom appealing twin bunk beds with stairs for kids regarding twin over full bunk bed with stairs
kids bunk beds stairs

Today, bunk bed manufactures make bunk beds that are stylish and have the latest designs. They come in different shapes and sizes.

If you are planning to purchase bunk beds for a boy, then purchase something manly. Similarly, when you are getting bunk beds for your girl then go for something like a castle.

inspiring and best bunk beds ever for better application inside kids bunk beds
bunk bed with slide


Bunk Beds Have Various Uses

Kids bunk beds have various uses. Bunk beds can be used as storage space. The top part of the bunk bed consists of the bed while the bottom part can come in the form of a cupboard or desk.

That depends on what you select as the bottom part of your bunk bed. If it is a cupboard, then your Kids clothes can be stored there.

If it is a desk and chair, then your child can use it to study.

ikea kids loft bed a space efficient furniture idea for sidoarjo throughout Kids Bunk Beds
twin over full bunk bed with stairs

Kids bunk beds are of various types including loft bunk bed, wooden bunk bed, metal bunk bed, and trundle bunk bed. Depending on your requirements, you will want to make the purchase.

Here’s kids bunk beds selection (click to enlarge!):

Mirrored Bedroom Furniture

The furniture that comes with mirrors has always been popular with people. Today also they are used in many bedrooms.

Though the furniture has been developed with different styles and designs, the mirrored bedroom furniture continue to be popular among many people.

Mirrored Bedroom Furniture

Before you purchase mirrored bedroom furniture for your home or apartments, you will want to choose from the wide range of furniture that is available in the market.

Here are some tips on choosing mirrored bedroom furniture for your home or apartment.

the sanctuary mirrored upholstered bedroom collection inside mirrored bedroom furniture


You should choose the mirrored bedroom furniture for your home or apartment based on their design. There are many designs which are available in the market.

You have mirrored furniture that comes with two way or three way mirrors. Depending on your taste and requirement, you will want to choose the mirrored furniture.

The storage capacity of the furniture should also be kept in mind. When you want large sized storage furniture then you will want to choose accordingly.

Since furniture can be crafted in many ways, you can choose accordingly. A look at the internet will give you an idea on the crafts that are designed on the furniture.

antique mirrored furniture


You should choose the mirrored bedroom furniture for your home or apartment based on the color. When you require a particular color, you would want to choose accordingly.

There are so many colors in which you can get these mirrored furniture. You have white, brown, and even black. Based on your choice and the decor of your bedroom, you will want to choose the furniture.

mirrored vanity table


You will want to select the mirrored bedroom furniture for your home or apartment based on the interiors.

When the mirrored furniture doesn’t match with the interiors, then it will definitely spoil the looks of your bedroom. You certainly don’t want that from happening. That is why you should choose the furniture that blends with your interiors.

When you got a light colored bedroom, then you might want to select colors that blends with the room.

mirrored makeup table


Lastly, you will want to select mirrored bedroom furniture for your home or apartment that is within your budget. You do not want to overspend when purchasing your furniture.

shop best master furniture silver bronze dresser with Mirrored Bedroom Furniture

Have a budget before you decide to purchase the mirrored furniture. There is mirrored furniture that comes in $100 to more than $1,000.

You will want to decide based on your budget. The budget is based on how much you can afford.

mirrored vanity tray

When you can afford expensive mirrored bedroom furniture for your home or apartment then go ahead. But, when you cannot afford to purchase mirrored bedroom furniture for your home or apartment, then go for purchasing from the flea market.

mirrored vanity table with lamp

You can decorate the furniture to enhance the looks of your bedroom.

When you want your room to look romantic, then you will want to place candles on the furniture. It also provides a relaxing atmosphere to your bedroom. When sunlight falls on the mirrored furniture is brightens your bedroom.

antique bedroom vanity with mirror

Using the above tips on choosing mirrored bedroom furniture for your home or apartment, you can go ahead and purchase today. If you need some ideas, click these pictures to enlarge!: