Find a Reliable Kitchen Supply Store for your Food Business

If you are among those who have a food business, you must know the significant facts that you should keep in mind. In order to run a business and earn profit, you should follow certain rules and regulations. If one is running a food business, they should make sure that they supply high quality food that will satisfy the needs of your customers. In order to keep the quality of food good, you should motivate the crew involved in preparing the food.

In addition, ensure that you use the right kitchen appliances that will match the demands of the food business. This is the reason why it is said that for finding the right kitchen supplies, you should at first look for a right kitchen supply store.

kitchen supply store

Kitchen Supply Store

A kitchen supply store offers durable and high quality kitchen equipment that will help in continuing the business for a long time period. However, if you are one among those people who have just started the business, you must be looking for the best kitchen supplies as they are the most important thing needed for growing a food business. No matter, whether you supply foods in restaurants or to a catering service, you will need the best kitchen supplies and for this you should look for the best kitchen supply store. Generally, the supplies that are needed for your business are cookware, bar goods, restaurant equipment, kitchen supplies, and catering tools and pizza supplies.

kitchen supplies online

The kitchen equipment and the supplies one needs vary according to the type of business, so it is better to know at first the type of business you are planning to establish prior to the purchase of kitchen supplies from the kitchen supply store. You will be glad to know that for finding appropriate kitchen supplies there is no need to follow a difficult path. One of the best options is to search for them online. With the discovery of the internet, finding a reliable kitchen supply store is not so difficult. There are many sites that offer different types of kitchen supplies and that too at an affordable cost.

high quality kitchen equipment

Through an online store you can purchase kitchen equipment with few clicks. You can even choose wholesale kitchen supplies and various useful kitchen accessories that fit your budget. One of the best things associated with purchasing kitchen supplies online is there are chances to enjoy a discount on the products sold in kitchen supply stores. The reason behind this is most of the online kitchen supply stores do not have to think about the operational expenses and thus the amount saved is used for purchasing the kitchen supplies. However, if you are planning to buy kitchen supplies from kitchen supply store online, you have to ensure that the firm manufacturing the kitchen supplies is credible and runs a legitimate business.

kitchen supplies

While visiting the site for buying kitchen supplies online, ensure that the site you are visiting is trustworthy. This is very important as there are many fake sites that do not supply proper kitchen supplies but takes charges from the customers.

Novel Plans for DIY Kitchen Cabinets

A lot of people are intimidated with the different kitchen cabinet plans, but once you’ve been there and done that, you realize that the DIY kitchen cabinets are not complex setups at all. There is no hard and fast rule that the manufactured kitchen cabinets will be better. You can get started by moving around for the kitchen cabinets. At times, you will find that the cabinets have a high price and that too without assuring you of the quality. The cabinets which are manufactured in the factories are just glued and stapled and this puts you into the concern whether these are good to invest in.

diy kitchen cabinets ideas

DIY Kitchen Cabinets

Moreover, with the readymade kitchen cabinets, you will not get the colors that you are looking for. The installation costs are high as well. So, to get the best satisfaction, you need to look for the DIY kitchen cabinets. Visit the lumber department to get an idea of the cost of wood. Consider real hard wood like maple and oak which can be dyed according to the shade of your preference. A visit to the store will tell you that the do it yourself cabinets for your kitchen are not that tough to make. If you could make a cabinet each weekend, you can save a lot of money.

diy kitchen cabinets makeover

There are a number of woodworking programs that are available online and these can be purchased for less than your usual gas price. There are thousands of DIY kitchen cabinets plans which are available with their blueprints. You can take printouts of different designs as soon as possible and once you have the plan, it won’t be tough to choose which plan to opt for. Choose the wood of your preference and decide upon a unique combination. Once you have measured out your kitchen carefully, you will be able to calculate the quantity of wood you will require.

diy kitchen cabinets painting ideas

When you choose the DIY plans, you will notice that the prices are amazingly slashed when compared with the readymade cabinet plans. If you are purchasing DIY kitchen cabinets, you will require thinking about the installation aspect. You may stain or paint them before planning their installation. DIY installation requires at least a couple of people and this is why you need help to lift the heavy cabinets. You will require someone to hold the cabinets in proper place while another person secures them to the wall.

kitchen cabinet plans

Prepare the space where you will work. You will need to ensure that the floors of the kitchen are covered to prevent them from damaging. The other cabinets already there in the kitchen should be emptied. You must ensure that all the parts are handy so that you are prepared to install the fresh cabinets.

readymade kitchen cabinets

For installing the DIY kitchen cabinets, the knobs, hardware, hinges and other accessories are at hand. You must mark and measure the position of each of the cabinets as it will simplify the installation to a great extent. Marking the places will help them achieve the perfect look.

Corner Kitchen Sink

Advantages оf using corner kitchen sink аnd tip fоr choosing thе right sink wіth great style.

Whеn іt соmеѕ tо remodeling thе kitchen, уоu hаvе tо consider purchasing аnd altering ѕеvеrаl counter tops оf thе kitchen like faucets, cabinets, sinks аnd muсh mоrе. Obviously, a good looking kitchen wіll hаvе a corner kitchen sink whісh іѕ easy tо kеер things organized.

Very often, the entire cooking process revolves around the sink and you need to turn to the side of the sink for washing equipments and cleaning fruits and vegetables. So, unless the sink is placed in comfortable position, you will be wasting much time and energy in using the sink. It does not actually matter whether your kitchen is big or small, you can still manage the kitchen neatly organized by installing a corner kitchen sink.

corner kitchen sink

Corner Kitchen Sink

Some households have ‘U’ shaped kitchen and some of them have ‘L’ shaped kitchen. The location of the sink is considered important since the entire cooking activity depends on its location and size. Corner kitchen sink is ideal for synchronizing the activities in the kitchen and you should also have an advanced drainage system with good garbage disposer unit under the sink.

l shaped kitchen with corner sink

There are many house owners who are constructing their new apartments and some others are doing renovation for the kitchen. In such circumstances, it is ideal to use corner kitchen sink to increase to comfort level of cooking. Make sure that there is enough space for fixing the inlet and outlet water pipes and if possible use long sized pipes which would be convenient for the plumbers to change or repair it later.

undermount corner kitchen sink

Corner kitchen sink comes in all colors and materials and you can choose one according to your budget. Very often sinks are made of materials like stainless steel to give maximum endurance and some use granite sinks which never breaks.

porcelain corner kitchen sink

Corner Kitchen Sink for Small Kitchen

The primary advantage of installing corner kitchen sink is it consumes very less space when compared to sinks fixed on other locations. It can be easily accessed and the task of cleaning and washing can be flexible when the water area is situated in one corner of the room. The location of the kitchen sink should in no way interfere with the other activities of the kitchen like dining and cooking.

kohler corner kitchen sink

Having a corner kitchen sink is beneficial for house owners who have small kitchen, since the other space can be rightly utilized for installing other countertops. You need to plan for renovating kitchen with an expert contractor who would suggest the ideal location of electrical outlets and water pipes.

kitchen sinks for corner cabinets

There are several types of corner kitchen sink like stainless steel, copper and enamel. Stainless steel sinks are extremely durable and easy to maintain. If you are on high budget, then consider using marble or granite sinks for the kitchen. Porcelain sinks are expensive and difficult to maintain since it can absorb stain easily.

corner kitchen sink countertop

You have to be careful while using porcelain corner kitchen sinks since it may get broken when you drop big objects on it. Copper sinks are also used in many houses since it is easy to clean it using mild detergents. It would also give ambience to the kitchen due to its color and texture.

Kitchen Island Designs

At present, it is more and more common to see design magazines displaying some amazing kitchen island designs that can be easily made to fit any home’s needs.

It’s also common to see that the furniture used in the kitchen is a lot more sophisticated than it was in the past. Now it’s possible to have cabinets made to fit your kitchen and you can even have furniture pieces for the fridge.

Kitchen Island Designs

Apart from this, they have become a lot more important because they can cater for the needs of everybody. Let’s have a look at some of the best three kitchen island designs.

custom built kitchen islands

If you are the kind of person who likes to have tables in the kitchen, you can go for kitchen island designs that come with a good countertop that will suit your space needs and will make your kitchen look even better.

In other words, the island you get will only have a table and no other accessories, which is perfect if you want to entertain family and friends while you are cooking so as not to miss on important moments and especially if your living room is not too big.

kitchen island cabinets

Some other great kitchen island designs that are popular amongst homeowners are those that make food preparation a lot easier.

They are so useful because they also include a sink that will give you the chance to prepare a quick fresh meal without making a mess in the kitchen.

kitchen island with seating for 4

The last kitchen island designs are the ones that come with a countertop that allows you to prepare food and also a cooking area. You will surely notice that most of them on offer at present include all the cooking equipment you need.

modern kitchen island designs with seating

Apart from that, there are several models that come with electric stoves as well as traditional ones. If you prefer, you can also get convection stoves that come with a glass top that won’t soot your utensils.

Another interesting option in kitchen island designs that come with cooking equipment are those islands that include a grill.

solid wood kitchen island designs ideas
modern kitchen island designs with seating

Kitchen island with grill is ideal for those like prepare barbecues during the weekend to entertain their family. However, if you go for this model, you will have to double check the materials it’s made of.

white kitchen island cart

If possible, you should try to go for the ones that are made of stone as they will keep the heat in a better way if you use it outdoors.

Therefore if you are planning to find some interesting kitchen island designs for your house, you need to ensure that you know how to use it in order to get the most appropriate not only for your needs but also for your budget.

Kitchen island designs ideas (click to enlarge!):

Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Kitchens are a multi-purpose area. They are used as places to cook food, have meals, chit-chat, and do your homework.

You will find some sort of activity taking place throughout the day or night in the kitchen. That is why, it is essential that your kitchen appear light and welcoming.

white kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Colors

When you are back after a long day’s at work, you might want to relax in your kitchen. Though, your kitchen might be large, when you have too many things inside, then you might feel it is cramped.

kitchen cabinet colors

You might want to start by getting it repainted using a light color. When remodeling or renovating your home, you will want to ensure that your kitchen is lively and all your family members feel welcomed.

green kitchen cabinets

The kitchen cabinet colors are too crucial to make sure that your kitchen doesn’t look smaller. Here are some steps which you can use to help you select the right kitchen cabinet colors.

red kitchen cabinets

Wooden cabinet choices

When you got a small sized kitchen, it is crucial that your theme is light. When you choose a light color, the room feels airy. You don’t want your kitchen to feel stuffy. Using wooden cabinet options helps you select light colored themes.

hickory kitchen cabinets

You might want to go in for maple or oak. They are not only strong, but are durable. Maple is used in many kitchens as they improve the looks of your kitchen. Though they might be expensive when you install them, they can help you in the long run.

maple kitchen cabinets

You don’t have to replace them often as they can withstand dirt and careless use also. When your child or partner bangs the doors of the cabinets, no damage is incurred.

cherry kitchen cabinets

They increase the resale value of your house and your kitchen looks spacious. When you want to sell your house, the kitchen is one of the areas that are looked into by potential buyers.

If they find that it is large and spacious, then the deal is made quickly and you get a good bargain too. You will want to use wooden cabinet options.

antique white kitchen cabinets

Painted cabinet choices

When you have painted your cabinets in a dark tone, then you might want to repaint it using light colors. You don’t have to go with white, but you can select light green, yellow, light blue or strawberry color.

In conclusion, the color that you choose for your kitchen and cabinet will decide on the appearance of your kitchen. You will find white as the most common color in many homes as they make the kitchen appear airy and light.

painting kitchen cabinets

When you go in with black colored cabinets that come with appliances made of stainless steel look great in your contemporary kitchen.

You will want to use some imagination when choosing the kitchen cabinet colors so that you can create that perfect environment you were looking were.

painted kitchen cabinets

A light colored theme can definitely highlight your kitchen in a better manner and when you got dark colored cabinets, the kitchen will appear cool.

Portable Kitchen Island

You might have not heard about the portable kitchen island. In fact, many homeowners are not aware about the existence of the kitchen island that is portable.

They don’t realize that this is one commodity which is required in the kitchen. Only a few know about it and are making use of it in their homes.

movable kitchen islands

Portable Kitchen Island

You might want to know all about the portable kitchen island and use it in your home too. Here are some things you want to know before purchasing them.

They are storage efficient

The portable kitchen island is storage efficient. They can accommodate many food items as and when needed. When you want to store and keep many items, you can make use of the portable kitchen islands.

kitchen island ideas

The kitchen needs to be functional and easy to use. Today, we are leading hectic lifestyles.

Some of us don’t even have time to eat our meals peacefully. This is why, when you got a functional kitchen where you can easily prepare your food and wash your dishes, you can save on time and use it for personal use.

portable kitchen islands

Having portable kitchen islands provides you with the benefit of a better storage space. There are many home appliances which are available in the market today.

You got blenders, multi purpose refrigerators, equipments, and others that leave you with very little space. You really cannot do without these home appliances today.

portable kitchen island

The portable kitchen island comes with a large table and man drawers for you to store things.

They are mobile

Probably the main reason why many people like to use the portable kitchen island is because they are mobile.

kitchen carts

You have a mobile solution in front of you which can be used to prepare food and once you are done with the work, you can move it aside or keep it somewhere in a corner where people don’t move around often.

This way, it is out of your way and doesn’t come as a disturbance. This is something that you don’t get to see often. When you find that your kitchen is messed up and not large sized, then you should buy a portable kitchen island.

small kitchen islands

You can use the large table to cut fruits and vegetables, wash the utensils and other dishes, place them in the drawer, and move it aside.

They come in many designs and colors

The portable kitchen island comes in many designs and colors. You can find portable kitchen islands that come in various shapes and colors.

kitchen cart

The colors are perfect for any kitchen interior and you can be sure to find something that blends with the décor. If your kitchen interiors are light themed then you can find a light themed portable kitchen island.

kitchen islands ideas

They can be used as a bar or workstation

The portable kitchen island can be used as a bar and a workstation. When you prepare your food, you can use it as a bar for your guest to enjoy their drinks.

You can also make use of it during the mornings and sip on your coffee. You can also decorate the island and use it when guest come over to your house for meals.

kitchen islands with seating

When you are purchasing a portable kitchen island, you might want to make sure that you get one that comes loaded with all the latest technological gadgets.

kitchen island with stools

This way, you can make complete use of the kitchen island. You can choose classic designs and modern styles that can blend with your kitchen decor.

70 Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Today’s world has seen massive strides in technology. You will find that technology is being used in almost every area of your life. Technology has helped in making your life easier by providing you with better control and efficiency in performing your tasks.

howdens gloss 8 unit kitchen supplied and fitted 380000 with regard to modern kitchen cabinets
best inexpensive modern kitchen cabinets

When you are looking for a better kitchen that can help you perform your tasks in a better way, then you should select modern kitchen cabinets.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

You would want to know that the cabinets can alter the looks of your kitchen. The function of your kitchen depends a lot on how your cabinets let you perform your tasks.

Italian kitchen cabinets

There are many types of modern kitchen cabinets which are available in the market which you can make use of. In this article we will discuss about them.

modern kitchen cabinets

Pull-Out Doors

The latest modern kitchen cabinets come with pull-out doors. The traditional cabinets come with two doors that have to be opened and contain two shelves from which you will have to remove the items that you have placed.

The pullout doors come with a compartment with an opening comes out revealing the items that are placed inside.

kitchen cabinet styles

The pull-out doors come with many sections inside that can hold many items. This enables you to save time as you don’t have to search for a particular item.

The entire contents are revealed which are present inside. They also come with an auto-shut feature that with a gentle nudge will close the pilot door.

European kitchen cabinets

Maple Cabinets

The maple cabinets are one of the modern kitchen cabinets that are gaining popularity today. That is because comes with an attractive and smooth pattern.

The maple wood is strong and can last for many years. They don’t get damaged that easily and can withstand stains. The color of maple also blends with any interior.

maple kitchen cabinets

Open-Faced Cabinets

When you have got some items that can be used as show pieces in your kitchen, then you will want to make use of open-faced cabinets.

German kitchen cabinets

These cabinets don’t come with doors like closed cabinets. The items that are placed inside are visible for all to see. You can also make use of doors that are made from glass which let the items that are kept inside to be visible.

The open-face cabinets allow your kitchen to appear creative.

wood kitchen cabinets

Luxurious Decorative Finishes

When you want something luxurious to be placed in your kitchen, then you might want to do some research on the internet. There is a wide range of modern kitchen cabinets which is available in the market for you to purchase.

luxury kitchen cabinets

You might want to go through the images that are provided online and get a better idea on the modern kitchen cabinets. You can make use of them according to your requirements.

Thanks to the developments in technology, you can improve the looks of your kitchen and make it appear great.

kitchen cabinet ideas

The material that you want to make use of doesn’t matter as you can make use of many colors and styles as you want to. Make use of some creativity on your modern kitchen cabinets and make your kitchen functional.

Here’s modern kitchen cabinets selection (click for larger version!):

Granite Kitchen Countertops

If уоu hаvе recently built a new home оr аrе planning tо remodel уоur kitchen, thеn уоu mіght consider using granite kitchen countertops.

Granite is a popular material that is being used in many American houses. That is because granite improves the looks of your house and is durable. There are many reasons that granite material is used in homes.

Granite Kitchen Countertops

In this article, we will be looking at some of them. They are given below.

laminate kitchen countertops

They Enhance the Looks of Your Kitchen

The granite kitchen countertops come in many colors, designs, textures, and shades. They can suit any sort of decor.

The kitchen usually comes in various decors and usually based on the furniture that is being used in there. When your decor is lightly themed, then you might want to use a light colored granite theme.

granite countertop ideas

Similarly, when your decor is dark, you will want to make use of a dark color theme. You would want to make sure that when you require more than one slab for your counter, then you should see to that they are part of the same texture.

marble granite countertops

Sometimes minor differences can come up, which can cause differences in the looks of the kitchen counter. That can ruin the looks of your kitchen.

granite countertops colors

They are Durable

The granite kitchen countertops are durable. They can last you many years and need not be replaced often. This helps you save money. The granite material is durable as they don’t get damaged easily.

They don’t get discolored or stained easily. When your granite countertop is sealed properly, it can last you many years.

marble kitchen countertops

They Come in Various Textures

The granite kitchen countertops come in various textures. You will notice that most of the textures that are present in the granite are different from each other.

The design, color, pattern, and styling can vary from slab to slab. The flooring that is present in the kitchen can match with the countertop.

granite kitchen countertops

They are an Excellent Investment

Having granite kitchen countertops in your house is an excellent investment. Though purchasing granite can be expensive, using them in your house greatly increase the value of your house.

granite tile countertop

When you decide to sell the house few years down the line, you can claim a huge rate. Potential customers love to see the presence of granite in your house as they enhance the looks.

When you want to make use of granite, you might want to consider a few pointers. These pointers can help you purchase the best granite material.

black granite countertops

You will want to keep the interiors of your house before selecting the color and the design of the granite. When you want to buy the granite kitchen countertops, you will want to make sure that you choose the granite yourself.

backsplash for black granite countertops

The granite slabs must be the same as they can vary from each other. That is why you must ensure that they are the same. Once the granite has been installed in the sink, it cannot be replaced.

Using the above pointers, you can choose the granite kitchen countertops which will suit your house.

100+ Great Kitchen Design Ideas (Definitive Guide)

Kitchen has been the heart of the home. It is also the place where you can free yourself to explore the world of culinary by playing the chef role. It often becomes the quick escapade for everyone from problems at work. Realizing the important of its function to our lives, the designs of kitchen have improved significantly through the time. If you are kind of person who really likes to spend your time in the kitchen and feel the design of the kitchen does matter, you must take a look at some kitchen design ideas given in kitchen layouts below.

Kitchen Layouts

Before you go to 4 aspects of kitchen layouts, take a look of 100 kitchen design ideas from the brief layouts.

  1. Gray and white

Martin Kobus, A San Fransisco kitchen designer, offers the look of a kitchen that takes cabinet into and dominated by soft grays, white and walnut. These colours combination as if a welcoming statements for the guests. The gray and white dominant background create a relaxing and cozy ambience that make people would be willing to stay there not only to cook, but also for having meal time with their loved ones.

  1. Peaceful Green

If you want to place a separator between dining area and kitchen, this design would be great. Jungalow, a kitchen design by Justina Blakeney, shows the wall – that separates the dining area and kitchen –  is painted in olive green. The kitchen floor, using the Morrocan clay tile –  is taken from Badia. The olive green could arise the feeling of peace inside.

  1. The Hope

If you fond of brass hardware, this design might steal your heart. The design that shows the Manhattan version of a farmhouse is equipped by brass hardware with painted floor and ovens. This design put the chandelier across the walls to give the effect of sunlight to the kitchen. This sunlight as if represent the hope in our lives.

  1. Lighting Statement

Installing iron pendant lights above the large kitchen just like done by Jill Sharp Weeks would be a lighting statement from the kitchen. The lighting here doesn’t only brighten the kitchen, it gives a touch of personality to the kitchen. It could also trigger some positive feelings.

  1. Colourful Checkboard

The colorful checkerboard, in this case orange checkerboard, in Benjamin More’s Racing Orange shows that the light colourful checkerboard doesn’t only beautify the kitchen. It also brightens up the kitchen that is white-dominated. It gives the idea that colour of the floor when it’s accompanied by the colour of the wall would give some surprising yet beautiful effect.

  1. Warm and Casual

When you miss the old times, you can bring it back to the kitchen by having pale oak floor, plank cabinetry and black latches to the kitchen. Adding some butcher block would increase the feeling of warmth and comfort. Some old soft coloured-patterned curtains – though is not essential – would be a beautiful touch for the design and would take you back, for a moment, to the great time in the past.

  1. Plaid Ceiling

There are many parts in the kitchen that you can play with. The windows, the door, lighting or even the ceiling. The latter is often forgotten, but not by Gideon Mendelson; a designer that created green gingham ceiling for the kitchen in New York. The plaid ceiling shows a different personality of white-dominated kitchen. It also make the eyes that look feel comfortable and want to spend time more there.

  1. A Touch of Storage

Every kitchen must have a storage. Besides its main function (to store), the storage would also give different look to the kitchen. You can create some different looks to the kitchen by changing the shapes of the storage. Make it taller, wider or more in certain places. You can also put different colours in each section or storage to mark types of the objects that stored there. The shapes and colours of the storages are not only make the kitchen colourful, they also help you the objects easily.

  1. Lime Green

The green of lime gives you the feel of freshness. It also makes people feel invited. That is why, Madeline Stuart created a kitchen with minimalist grooved cabinetry in green and limestone countertops. That design makes people feel warm and invited. It would also help the host in creating the positive impression towards the guests.

  1. Feel the Ocean

You don’t need to have a radical change in your kitchen just to feel the ocean breeze. Have the wallpaper in blue sea or colours of coral reefs. Some soft transparent colours would be applicable for the curtains or even lighting. Don’t forget the windows. Make a quite big windows or some small windows so the wind would be feely flow in and out just like in the beach.

  1. Playful Colour

If you love making experiments with colour, then don’t hesitate to express yourself trough the design of your kitchen. You can have some strong or vibrant colours for the cabinet, and still have the soft ones for the curtain. The pearl white for the lighting above the green-tiled floor can make it look calm beautiful or energetic. You can choose any colours and combine them to give the effect you wish.

  1. The Hometown

For some people that live far from their hometown, adding some ornaments (that remind them about their home towns) in their homes is something that often to be done. You can put more than some ornaments to be hung on the wall to transform the kitchen to the something that you miss a lot; your hometown. You can start it by choosing the colours of the wall or wall paper, type and colours of tiles and even the ceiling. Make some sketches about things you love a lot from your hometown and how would you transform your kitchen into it.

  1. Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian is back to some corners. If you happen to be a fan of this, don’t hesitate to apply this style to your kitchen. It’s not necessary to copy the whole style into the design. You can just apply some parts of it in certain spaces of the kitchen.

  1. The Meeting of Softness

Sometimes people like to apply soft colours to whole design. You can create a comfortable atmosphere by combining two or more soft colours. For example; lime green for the cabinet, light brown for the tile below the cabinet and baby blue for the wall paper. Don’t forget to put some ornaments, decorations or paintings to make the kitchen more lively (and less plain).

  1. Open Storage

Every kitchen must have a storage. It is. Yet, it is not necessary to be open like the classic look. It can be open as well just like done by Katie Ridder that installed open shelves. She designs the store that way to make the owner easy to get the objects needed.

  1. Ancient Spanish

Some people love the designs of the ancient Spain. If you adore the designs of Alhamra, Granada and ancient Spanish palaces, you can bring some parts of them in your kitchen.

  1. Classic Checkedboard

Classic checkerboard pattern could give a different touch to the kitchen. It could also be applied for the floor just like done by designer Timothy Whealon. Besides applying it to the floor, we can also apply it to some parts of the wall, windows even ceiling.

  1. Clean and fresh

Traditional kitchen that is marked by white-dominated wall is not yet out of date. It can even give you the fresh look if you match it with the right furniture and decoration. To have lime green cabinet and wooden floor to accompany the white wall seem to be able to bring the sense of clean and fresh to the eyes of visitors.

  1. Bright and White

If white is still your favorite colour to dominate the design, you can take some bright colours to make the kitchen look vibrant, energetic and fresh. Adding emerald green or even shocking orange in some corners or correct places would make the kitchen trigger your good mood and bring it out.

  1. Simple Transformation

When white is mixed with gray, and added some glitter, the metal comes out. It just like taking out the new soul out of old body. That is what designer Suzann Kletzien did. She combined gray, white and metal (plus hints of brass) and show us that the result is the transformation of old kitchen to the new one.

  1. Modern Victorian

Some people are the fans of Victorian style. Including designer Antonio Martins that designs the kitchen with Victorian style. For Antonio Martins, creating a fresh space filled with the blending of old and new materials is a significant part of his vision.

  1. Big and Glass-like

When designer Annette English turn a small room into a large kitchen, she wanted to make it a big room yet transparent glass-like, in order to make people feel light and airy. It just like what she said “big, but the transparency makes them feel light and airy”.

  1. Breakfast Room

Designer Berkley Vallone and Caroline DeCesare design a breakfast room with French doors and a picture window behind a long table. You could modify this design by making the window across and near the table, to make the people able to enjoy the scenery during the breakfast time.

  1. Pine and Iron

Designer Susan Drake designed a kitchen in coastal Connecticut by changing the colour of the cabinets with the light one. She also added an antique pendant from John Rosselli to beautify the kitchen. Pine and iron itself are the materials in the stools of Kensington bar that is made by Arhause that becomes part of the kitchen.

  1. Touches of Brass

Caitlyn Wilson designed a kitchen in New Jersey with lots of brass. Besides brass hardware, hick pendants from Circa Lighting, and Boston Functional Sconce by Visual Comfort are some of the materials that put in her designed kitchen.

  1. Hacienda-Style

A kitchen in a 1920s house that applied Hacienda-style has tiles of hand painted Talavera and glass pendant from Global Views that makes the kitchen look bright.

  1. The Your Way English Country

Incorporated Architecture & Design once designed an urban kitchen in New York in English Country style.  If you’re a fan of this style, you can browse what parts of this style that you would apply.

  1. Classic Elegant

Designer Robert Brown designed a house in Atlanta by topping the kitchen islands with Imperial Grey Marble. Stools from DeLany & Long’s Breaker matched very well with the wall that was painted in Benjamin Moore’s Natural Linen. Chandelier by Paul Ferrante and closed with antiques from Parc Monceau make the whole combination represents what classic elegant is.

  1. Simple Gray

Designer Marshall Watson applied simple gray when he designed a house in Florida. He applied Chelsea Gray paint in Aura by Benjamin Moore to the kitchen cabinet and the rest of the rooms in the house. Some updates in the kitchen makes the kitchen look modern and cozy despite the single colour given.

  1. Old World Charm

Interior designer Healing Barsanti created the kitchen island that made from chestnut with barley-twist details. The space that comes out of it is called an Old World Charm.

  1. New Traditional Kitchen

Back then, we had a tradition to eat on the same table in the dining room that is in the same room with the kitchen. Now, you still can you that design, placing the dining area and kitchen in the same room, with some updates to make your kitchen looks urban.

  1. The Texture-Rich Kitchen

Designer Susan Dossetter had bright ideas about textures and applied it very well on a kitchen by putting the cool stainless, the warm oak, cabinetry and cast-plaster ceiling. Her partner Andrew Skurman contributed in this design.

  1. The Collector’s Kitchen

Another project by Susan Dosetter and Andrew Skurman. They created a kitchen that would reflect the characteristic of the owner; the collector. They used antique oak for the cabinet which is perfect for the collector.

  1. When Past Meets Present

Some people love the ideas of past meet present just like done very well by Ruthie Sommers. She used modern amenities and old pendant light fixtures to decorate it. The result is the blending of vintage and modern.

  1. Yacht-inspired Kitchen

If you had a yacht, how would the kitchen would be? Some white wall and storage would dominate your kitchen. A minimalist yet very efficient storage would be the characteristic of this design.

  1. French Brasseries

One of the designers that dedicated his time in French brasseries is John Oetgen. Some kitchen apply this style in the design.

  1. Outrages Colour

Some designers like to create something that is different from the crowd. One of it is creating outrages colour just like done by designer Jefferey Bilhuber when he mixed blue-green color on the woodwork of his traditional Dutch Kitchen.

  1. Mirrored Kitchen

Designer Jonathan Berger creates a large kitchen from a previously small one by placing the antiqued mirrored glass on cabinet doors. The idea was then applied in the late 19th century houses.

  1. Modern Oak

Oak can be made into something that would give a touch of modern in it. Just like done by designer Willian Hefner in his modern Los Angeles kitchen. He showed the cabinet that made of oak and frame it with Calcatta gold marble to give the look of modern yet still soft.

  1. Another Perspective

Designer Emily O’Keefe stacked the cabinet in the kitchen till it touched the ceiling, although not all cabinets touch the ceiling. The final appearance make this cabinet look like the furniture instead. This idea tells us that we should try to have many different perspective in either using the materials or placing the stuff (or furniture) in the kitchen to get the final desired look.

  1. High-ceiling Kitchen

If you want to make the kitchen feel bigger, but you can’t widen the area, then high-ceiling kitchen would be a great alternative. By making the ceiling high, you add some space for ventilation and decoration for the kitchen that would make the kitchen looks bigger and comfortable.

  1. The Farmhouse

Farmhouse often inspire people in designing the rooms or homes. Including the kitchen. Designer Megan Rice is one of the designers that applied the farm house style in her design.

  1. The Minimalist Farmhouse

Just like Megan Rice, Susan Tully is also a designer that choose a farmhouse as the style for the kitchen design. She once designed a minimalist farmhouse style in a kitchen – the Vermont Kitchen –  that equipped with 300-year-old whitewashed floor beams.

  1. Simple Aesthetic

Still with Susan Tully. She designed a black-and-white harmony kitchen that shows the simple aesthetic.

  1. Harmony of Soft Colours

Using two or more soft colour can give a beautiful and expected result if you only know how to blend them. Designer Robin Bell is one of designers that proved that he could blend the soft colours perfectly.

  1. Antiqued Kitchen

Antiqued kitchen is somewhat admired by some designers, just like Fern Santini. She designed a kitchen with a mixture of waxed ceiling beams, honey wall plaster, and some Italian antiques.

  1. Block and Marble Island

Block and marble could be a great combination when they’re put in the kitchen, just like shown by Carole Lalli. Lalli designed a butcher-block-and-marble island in her kitchen to accommodate her family to gather and create meals in the kitchen.

  1. Aspen Kitchen

Aspen could inspire the design of kitchen just like shown by designer Ann Wolf. Her Aspen-inspired kitchen showcases the blend of beautiful materials and wood tones.

  1. Casual Feeling

When designer Ray Booth wanted to create a kitchen that reflect casual feeling, he made the ceiling from pecky cypress. He managed the center island to be made of oak. The result was the aged kitchen that reflected casual feeling.

  1. Chimney Kitchen

A kitchen with chimney does exist. Just like the one that created by Healing Barsanti. Chimney can also help to take the smell and smoke out of the cooking process. Thus, chimney not only nice for the decoration, it also gives a use.

  1. Vintage

Vintage is simply old things. If you want to have a kitchen that look old yet very interesting and comfortable to be in, explore some vintage designs for the kitchen.

  1. Red and White

When cheery red and white tiles are gathered, they would make a great look for your kitchen. One of the examples of the design is created by Dana Lyon.

  1. Jewelry-like Kitchen

Some people really care about the specification in the kitchen that they want to have their kitchen to be made just like jewelry; detailed and beautiful.

  1. Theatrical Kitchen

If you happen to be someone that is crazy about theater, then theatrical kitchen would be a dream come true. Designer Eric Martin would be the one that you would look up to for this kind of works.

  1. Tranquil Kitchen

Many people love the idea of tranquil kitchen. If you want to have a tranquil kitchen, ask yourself what are the things (colours and pattern) that make you feel tranquil and realize them in design.

  1. Strong-look Cabinet

Cabinet can be a part of the owner (of the kitchen) statement.Some people love applying strong colour like black and red in the cabinet to give some energy when they look at it. You may also try it in your kitchen. Give some strong colour in your cabinet to get you energized!

  1. Retro Style

If you like ideas of having the modern and vintage side-by-side, retro style might be your ideal alternative design to apply on your kitchen.

  1. Simple and Inviting

You can get your friends to visit your home especially your kitchen by applying simple yet inviting design in your kitchen. The bright colours, soft, lighting, paintings, many chairs and instrumental music would create the ambiance that triggers your guests to spend the time there, while maintaining its simplicity.

  1. Stove is the Center

Stove that is known as the most-related-to-the-kitchen stuff can be made as the center of the kitchen. Just put the big stove in certain spot, and decorate the rest of the space in the kitchen to adjust with the stove.

  1. Colorful and Cheery

You want your kitchen reflect your spirit that you describe as colourful and cheery? Play with colours. Add some cushions, sofa and stools. Contrasting the soft and bright colours.

  1. Modern Historical Charm

Modern historical charm kitchen would be realized by the mixture of wide-plank floors, bright and up dated kitchen and an old painting on the wall. You can create your own version of modern historical charm by adding the elements that suit your taste.

  1. Crafty Lighting

Sometimes you can make the kitchen different by changing the lighting. If  can make some crafts, then having a crafty lighting would be a great idea to apply in your kitchen.

  1. Salvaged Finds

If you happen to have some salvages, use them to decorate the kitchen.

  1. Antique Stove

There are some people that were inherited antique stove from their predecessors. And it was too good to be thrown out. Instead, they used it to decorate their kitchen by putting it in the center of the kitchen.

  1. Antique Oven Awning

Just like antique stove, antique oven awning is also useful in making your kitchen look different from your neighbors’.

  1. Vintage Stove

The search of vintage stuff influences the search of vintage stove. While this stove is not necessary working, its presence brings its own colour to the kitchen

  1. Show Yourself to the World

Sometimes the design can change frequently or even in daily basis because it follows your desire. No worries in doing it. Just apply it. Show it to the world.

  1. Soft meets Bright

The meetings of soft and bright colours have been a long tradition. Some of them resulting in surprising yet worth-exploring result.

  1. Spare Seating

Providing some tools while still having a couch and carpet in your kitchen as if saying that you prepare spare seating, and that is why everyone is invited.

  1. Creative Seating

Seating in the kitchen can be made of any material, be in any shapes. You can use the unused stuff and spare space to create some seats that reflect your creativity.

  1. Industrial Space

There are some people that like to make their kitchen look like plants by applying white or creamy on their wall, a sink skirt stitched from alphabet-patterned fabric and wicker chairs. It doesn’t cost much to have this look.

  1. Bold Hue

Applying the bold hue in your kitchen design doesn’t take too much effort. Yet, it takes little courage to be different from the commoners. You can apply some bright or contrasting colours to realize it.

  1. Olive Green Cabinets

Making your cabinets appeared in olive green is something that you may try if you want your kitchen look different while still cozy.

  1. Handy Storage

The reason why we need the storage is to store our stuff or kitchen appliances so they would be easy to find when we need them. To make them even easier to find, we need to create the storage to be as handy as it could be.

  1. Handcrafted Kitchen

If you like handcrafting and DIY, you can create many things in the kitchen by yourself. The ideas can be seen in Pinterest, Instagram and other sources.

  1. Creative Pieces

If you want to make the kitchen as the realization of ideas, you can change some (or even whole) parts into something different. For example, you can replace a wall of cabinets with old hutch. Replace the regular lamp with chandelier since it would give a touch of luxury.

  1. The Pioneer

When you got puzzled what to do first in designing your kitchen. You can choose one thing as the center. It’s the pioneer. The rest of the objects would follow it.

  1. Play With Patterns

Sometimes kitchen can be made just like classrooms; colourful and full of patterns. The patterns can be as easy as colour pattern like green-white-green or a bit more sophisticated one, using geometrical shapes.

  1. The Sea

If you love the sea, you can pick colours like blue, green and white for the kitchen. Adding some shells and some other sea objects to be put on the island.

  1. Wall is the Center

Some designers want people to see the wall as the center and place most objects on it. Open shelving, white planks and custom brackets set can be a fun group on the wall.

  1. Wood Experiments

Wood is not only for the floor or cabinets. It can also be made into other stuffs in the kitchen. Try to change some parts in the kitchen with wood and see the result!

  1. A Distinctive Pair

Some Windsor tools can be a great surprise when they’re accompanied by red-patterned rug. Some objects can give surprising result when they’re paired up.

  1. Some Drops of Drama

Some objects can create drama when they’re placed in certain positions. Chandelier can bring you to the Cinderella story. Metallic stuffs reflect the life of modern people. Choose the play you would love to imagine.

  1. Contrast can be Great

Contrast can be insanely attractive. Combined the honed black granite countertops and black-painted oak cabinets on the white plank walls would give you dramatic counterpoint.

  1. Farmhouse Chic

If you love farmhouse, but not really into a country style, then you can apply the farmhouse chic style. You can start by freeing a cabinet space, create a nice spot for collectibles with some above-window shelving.

  1. A Low-budget Kitchen

You don’t need to dig up your pocket too deep only to create a great kitchen. Do some hunt-kitchen objects in flea market and use the unused stuffs in the garage. Give some DIY to the stuffs and see the result.

  1. Minimalist Yet Playful

Minimalist can be fun and playful. Give some soft and bright colours on the wall. Get the kitchen cabinetry from Bulthaup and sink by Corrian. You can always reduce the budget by modifying the stuff by yourself by doing some DIY and get the inspirations from Pinterest.

  1. A Table for Two

If you only need a little space for two of you, then this design might suit you. A pair of chairs (or stools) with a Kartell table fit perfectly for a small kitchen.

  1. Cozy Cooking Space

Have some colourful cooking utensils and free up some space. Apply your favorite colours on the wall or floor to call the good mood out.

  1. Space Optimizing

Celebrity hairstylist Frederic Fekkai’s Manhattan Kitchen gives example of space optimizing by making space behind the staircase. This space can be used as storage, cabinet or even little library.

  1. Stash Books Up Above

The home of Mark Badgley and James Misckha can be a great model for book lovers. The books shelves are placed up to the ceiling to store their collection of cookbooks.

  1. Impactful Color

Impacful colour can be reached by painting most of the parts in the kitchen in the same colour, say white. And gives a different colour on certain part, like single row of countertops.

  1. The Touch of Accent Colour

Designer Jonathan Adler applied a touch of accent colour in a Manhattan kitchen. The cabinets’ paint was Tulip Red from Fine Paints of Europe. The bright accent from the paint ease the eyes from the small corners.

  1. Friendly Dark

Dark shade can look friendly and inviting. A custom shade by Donald Kaufman Color can be an example of it.

  1. Colorful Corner

You can make colourful and cheery corner in your kitchen by placing some carpet and cushions, or colourful tools around the table. Contrast the colours. The floor to the wall or wall to the ceiling. They’ve got to be different and contrasting in creating the colourful corner.

  1. Oversized Art

The East Hampton home of Aerin Lauder is a great example to show that the art can make the room feel larger. Lauder shows that adding visual art (paintings, lighting) to the wall in the kitchen make the wall look interesting and lively.

  1. Contrast Light and Shadow

If you make the countertops and backplashes stay light or white, they would balance the light and shadow in the kitchen, just like done by designer Vasi Ypsilanstis.

  1. Optimize the Kitchen Storage

If you want to optimize the kitchen storage, Hafele would be a great source. They double up the storage by making multi-tiered drawers. It would save lots of space.

  1. Bring the Automation In

Hands-free faucet for the children that unable to reach it or sensor-activated lights connected to smartphone to tell that the meals are ready are some of the world innovation that should be put in the kitchen.

  1. Mix Countertop Materials

Today, countertop is not only made of granite, quartz or laminate. Wood has come to the area. You may want to use the new alternative or combine them all to get the effect that you’ve always desired.

You can pick one of or even combine some of the kitchen design ideas above to express your desire and realize what the heart of home should look.

Electric Stove Top

The electric stove top is becoming popular day by day. That might be because it has many advantages. You can find many shapes and designs that are available today.

As the resources are reducing every year, it is becoming necessary to use the stove in an efficient manner. If you are considering purchasing an electric stove top for your house, then you might want to know some of the advantages of using one.

Electric Stove Top

Given are few reasons to purchase an electric stove top.

electric stove top

Effective Circulation of Heat

There is an effective circulation of heat throughout the cooking pot. That is because; the cooking surface of the stove is wide. This enables the heat to circulate around the cooking pan.

smooth top electric range

It is essential that the heat is circulated effectively so that the food gets cooked in a better manner. You do not want to waste your time cooking when you got other chores to do.

electric cooktop with grill

Working professionals would love to use the electric stove top as it saves them time. When you are done cooking, you can take some rest or spend the time doing another chore.

stainless steel electric stove

Cleaning and Maintenance are Easy

Cleaning and maintaining the electric stove top is simple. The stove top is flat which makes it easy to maintain. When cleaning the stove top, you just need to clean using a cloth.

electric cooktop with downdraft

The food that has spilled can be cleaned efficiently without using lots of effort. You just need to ensure that the sponge or scrubber is a quality one.

Use some soap water and clean the stove top once you are done with your cooking. You would be happy to find out since it is an electric stove, soot is not produced.

portable induction cooktop

The overall cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen becomes easy. You can even do it yourself and save money that you would have otherwise had to spend on a cleaner.

electric flat top stove

It is Durable

It is durable. The electric stove top can be used for many years. You can place heavy cooking pots on the stove without worrying about it getting damaged.

You can also use casseroles on the stove. If you are someone who cooks fried food, then you need not get tensed about anything. The need for replacing the electric stove does not arise.

glass top stove

Heat is Present after Turning It Off

Though the electric stove top has been turned off, the heat is retained for a few minutes. This enables you to keep the food warm for sometime.

The entire family might not be ready to eat food due to some reason or the other. The electric stove helps to keep the food warm for sometime.

When everybody is seated at the table, you don’t have to heat the food again as it is warm. This is advantageous for cooking food items that need to remain warm for sometime.

Some food items like soups, stews, curries are required to be warm for sometime. That is possible when you use an electric stove top.

ceramic stove top

It is Flexible

The electric stove top is flexible. When it is not used for cooking, you can use it as a counter. You need space in the kitchen to be used as a counter top. It can work just fine.

Some ideas (click to enlarge!):